Action RPG - Listing the best Action RPGs of 2012
Path of Exile

#1 Path of Exile

"The Hardcore Action RPG you've been waiting for"
Path of Exile is a long anticipated action RPG brought to life by Grinding Gear Games. In this action RPG, you take on monsters and dark sorcery in the world known as Wraeclast.

In order to try this game for free, click on this link.

Path of Exile Beta Screenshots

Click one of the screenshots in order to see them in full size. As you can see, the game will remind you a lot of Diablo II - Lord of Destruction.

Path of Exile Gameplay Video

The Path of Exile Gaming Experience Offers

  • Receive recognition in frequent events
  • Be competitive within the ladder and along with your ratings
  • Levels are randomly rendered
  • three-dimensional environment observed through predetermined angle view
  • Supporting numerous players
Try out Path of Exile today and you'll be able to create the perfect account and character name bedfore somebody else does it! Signup for the free Beta here
The Best Action RPGs

Action RPG focuses on the type of role-playing games that have been evolving around action elements. You will be able to find articles and forums here but the focus of Action RPG will always remain at the top action RPGs listed in our official action RPG list at the front page. Please view the list below.

The Diablo series of games are old but still popular. And they are popular because they are good. In fact they set the standard of the whole niche of action RPG. Although there are actually better action RPGs out there now, Diablo will remain on the list until the end of time.

Age of Conan is an RPG with lots of action, but also it is an MMORPG. The best from both worlds, combined with incredible graphics and an interesting story makes it a must for all serious MMORPG gamers.

The History of Action RPG
Action role-playing games, also known as action RPG(s) is a sub-genre of RPGs that has significant elements of real time action.

The Classic Action RPGs

An early game that had both real-time action and RPG elements was Dungeons of Daggaroth, made for the TRS-80, an early computer with color graphics. Dungeons of Daggorath (DoD) contained both dungeon crawling and real-time action, piloted by pressing keys on the keyboard.

In the west, developers kept working on the real-time RPG action possibilities, but in Japan the developers, with Nihon Falcom at the front, took another path.

Falcom's Dragon Slayer that was released in 1984 is a basic real-time treasure grab game. But its sequel Xanadu, from 1985, was a full-fledged RPG, complete with character stats and a quest. The new thing with the game was its real-time action elements. The game became very popular in Japan and it beat the record for PC game sales. The coming years of developments in Japan later defined the Action RPG genre in the east.In 1987 the game Ys was released and became a popular game that later had several sequels and remakes.

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